Welcome to ACARA's new Principals' Portal

The Principals’ Portal lets authorised school staff perform the following actions on the My School website:

  1. preview their school's full profile prior to its publication going live
  2. update their school's profile comment 
  3. update their school's URL 
  4. update their school's location 
  5. for Independent schools, update their governing body.

Getting started

If you have a registered account and you don't know your password, please click or tap 'Forgot password'. If you don't have an authorised account please request access.

Registered but changed schools?

If you have moved schools but still have the same email address, sign in with your email address, click 'Modify my details', add your new school, delete your old school, click submit and sign out. ACARA will then approve this update and notify you when your new school has been added to your account.

Please note that if you received a new email address with your new school, you will need to request access.

For assistance

For information on how to use the Principals' Portal please visit Using the Principals' Portal.

For further assistance with using the Principals’ Portal, email [email protected] or call 1300 895 563 (option 4).